NYC, NY Acting: Stanislavski’s system.

In the NYC Vazquez Acting School you will learn the “The Method” traces its origins to the “system”, as formulated by Constantin Stanislavski. Stanislavski’s philosophy was a part of the theatrical realist movement and based on the idea that great acting is a reflection of “truth” conveyed both internally and externally through the actor. Stanislavski set out to convey “truth” through a more human system of acting, which would encourage an actor to build a cognitive and emotional understanding of their role. He developed his system of acting through his friendships with Russia’s leading actors, his collaborations with playwright Anton Chekhov, and his own teaching, writing, and acting at the Moscow Art Theatre (founded in 1897).
His system is often erroneously identified with Lee Strasberg’s Method approach, which claimed inspiration from Stanislavsky’s approach. However, Strasberg’s adaptation relied exclusively on psychological techniques and contrasted sharply with Stanislavsky’s multivariate, holistic and psychophysical approach, which explores character and action both from the “inside out” and the “outside in.” In this respect his system is far more similar to other classical acting techniques than to method acting. (

Alberto Vazquez

Alberto Vazquez has acted since 1975. he has worked as a professional actor from NYC to LA. He has been in over 200 TV shows, films, plays, commercial and print commercial in his career. He has been teaching acting since 2004 in NYC and now in easton, PA.