“Teaching is my way of giving back what teachers, directors and this industry has given me over the years. I do it because I love doing it. It is my own personal life force!”

“Relaxation before acting on stage is vital for the artist. It opens all channels of concentration and that is very important in acting.”

“The most important thing is teaching people that they can be successful in whatever they do. If they have a passion for something, then they can achieve what they want. You need passion, there’s no way around it.”

“Sometimes the least talented actor can produce better work through discipline and study than the more talented lazy actor.”

“The best actors I’ve ever worked with have a childlike quality about them. I assume it is because playing imaginary games like acting requires us to be like a kid and let our imagination fly.”

“Acting is creating truth under imaginary circumstances.”

“All the clues to the character are hidden inside the script.”

“The audition is what gets you the job.”

“When you see natural talent, it is undeniable.”

BEGINNERS CLASSES: How does my method work with beginning actors?

Acting is telling the truth. Let’s get that straight immediately. Many people think acting is telling a lie. For the beginning actor, he must learn a few steps to achieve truth.

A neophyte in the acting enviornment must learn a few basic things in a beginning class. A student actor must first learn to relax on stage. There are several relaxation techniques I go through in the beginning of the class to reach that level. Once a student (or actor) is relaxed, then concentration becomes easier. Acting takes concentration.

Secondly, he has to learn to listen to the other actor and not anticipate what he will say, but engage himself in taking in the whole other person like we do in life to make a scene realistic (this is called moment-to-moment).

Thirdly, the student actor should learn how to make meaning of the dialogue and making it come from himself (from his inner personal experiences),i.e., personalization.

These are a few basic elements that I initiate for beginners. There are many more, but I shall send that out later in another blog.

Advanced Classes for those who work will work towards:

Students who want to refine their technique and have experience stage, TV and film experience are handled differently from the beginner.

I want to have the actors come prepared to do a scene of their liking. A character they would be cast in. The should be prepared and off book (unless we work from a first time reading analysis to a three step (or week) process. I do this to show development in a scene and character.

This is a good way to work because it deepens the experience of finding the essence of the character. Once the scene is done properly, then the actors move on to another scene. I also like to have scene presentation done in full costumes for realism to the audience and actors. This helps the actor work not only from the “inside out’ but also “outside in.”


ALL Classes are paid for in full for one month, four classes with Paypal only. NO REFUNDS, No Make ups for missed classes.