The class practice consists of several methods and techniques
that have been applied and taught by well known teachers in
New York City throughout the decades. Lee Strasberg’s “The
Method” concepts are taught for students to grasp known
concepts to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
Weekly classes are in New York and other cities listed on the
location section of the website (cities will be added for classes
and seminars). Classes are 3 hours long from 7-10 PM.

FIRST THIRTY MINUTES: A series of warm up exercises
are used and implemented to free the actor’s instrument from
inhibitions that restricts the creative instinct to flow and
express the actor’s emotional stimuli. Every student actor
participates in this exercise.
Once the actor is warmed up, then we move toward “moment
to moment” exercises with two actors working together.
Sanford Meisner developed this technique. This implements
the communication between two actors listening and
responding to each other in a naturalistic way. This is
considered the heart of acting by many actors and teachers in
the industry.

SCENE STUDY: Scenes are assigned by the teacher, or
students can select scenes they’d like to work on. We
encourage to work on characters that you would be cast as.
Students who have prepared scenes to view and have analyzed
perform them for the class, (but this process takes four weeks
to prepare in a series of stages — of readings, walk through

readings, a motivational analysis, character analysis and script
This technique gives the student knowledge of the process of
acting and develops appreciation for the craft and art of acting.
Scene analysis varies from scene to scene. Depending on what
was achieved in the scene work, the scenes are done over
several weeks till they are finely tuned and perfect.

SKYPE Virtual Online Classes: I offer classes online with
Skype. This is a convenient way to save on travel time and
money. Once the student pays via Paypal, or the $Cash app /
Then we set up a session (1 hour – $80 / 1 1/2 hours – $110 /
2 hours maximum – $150) that is convenient for both.
Classes are usually from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm; Monday thru
Friday. Last minute emergency classes over the weekend will
have and added $25 fee to the sessions.
I would like a photo and resume sent to me via email @ / or Text Only @ 917-331-
3850 for my review of your level of experience and your
physical type. This helps me select scenes that fit you if
necessary. We can work on the audition scenes exclusively.
Prior to the class, I will FAX, email, or text a scene to read and
prepare for the online session. You can choose a scene you
want to work on, or have to prepare for an audition.
You can get instruction when I email you the scene to read and
you prepare the process for the class, e.g., make choices about
the character, the scene fundamentals, i.e., what is the
relationship, what do I want, where am I, who am I, etc.

Thereafter, we read the scene over as an audition first, then we
discuss the scene in detail.
Once we log in, we read the scene over and discuss the scenes
elements. We then read it over like an audition to see what is
working and what isn’t working based on what choices you
have made to make the scene come to life. Then we work on
the changes we discussed to reach that acting level necessary
to book a job.
We work on the scene till we both feel satisfaction and it is
ready to present. This process can be ongoing weekly with
different scenes each week.