Including classes, we have presented dozens of successful play readings, actor workshops for casting directors, and new readings of film and television series, projects for producers with terrific success. Our goal is to build working actors who are working, and having the opportunities to learn basic producing and production skills while working on the showcase workshops. Thus, expanding their working knowledge of being an actor, and the behind the scenes industry practices in order to better understand, know and work with the teams that make the theater, films and television productions worldwide. Our workshops will be high definition video cameras (Black Magic cameras, for example) to film the workshops and thus create “reels” our students can use for casting directors and show producers their talents. This gives our showcases that extra dimension on three levels, student actor work, craft and team work awareness, experience working with seasoned professionals, and exposure to major producers and casting directors immediately.

One example of what is already in full development and will be available for workshop showcase is “Perfect Citizen” by Paul-Felix Montez of (MVZ Productions).

This short trailer introduces some of the feel for the film and/or television series development and what the project will offer.

PERFECT CITIZEN feature Sci-Fi film from Montezfilms on Vimeo.