Actor / student Testimonials

Alberto Vazquez taught me the basics of the art of auditioning for TV and Film. Thanks to these skills last year I was able to book a role on a feature film with Pierce Brosnan which allowed me to obtain my SAG-AFTRA card. Since then I appeared on shows like “The Blacklist” and ” Blue Bloods” and I also did stunts for 7 other prime time TV Shows.

-Vesselin (Vinnie) Todrov

I studied with Alberto for almost two years. He gave me the foundation and the tools I needed to become a working actor. His knowledge about the craft and the business will definitely help any aspiring or seasoned actor get to the next level

-Wilton Guzman (Actor)

Performing in Alberto Vazquez’s showcases really taught me how to develop a character in front of a live audience. It was the best experience for a novice actor.

-Tiffany Rodriguez (Actor/Director)

“I really learned how show business works studying with Alberto Vazquez: his forty plus years as an actor gives him credibility.”

-Gary Cruz (Actor/Comedian)

Alberto Vazquez was the best teacher for theater, film and TV that I have ever studied with, and I began working too!”

-Orianna Navarro (Actor/Student)

“I studied with Alberto Vazquez and my film technique became so much better!”

-Alfredo Diaz (Actor/Student)

“I came from Texas and could never book a job for five years, then Alberto Vazquez helped me with the [the audition] techniques and i booked a recurring role on a soap and four films that year.”Alberto Vazquez is a very talented actor, teacher and mentor. I not only know him for over 30 years but also studied with him. I highly recommend him.

-David Pinon (Actor)