The Stanislavski Acting system

In the NYC Vazquez Acting School you will learn the “The Method” traces its origins to the “system”, as formulated by Constantin Stanislavski. Stanislavski’s philosophy was a part of the theatrical realist movement and based on the idea that great acting is a reflection of “truth” conveyed both internally and externally through the actor. Stanislavski set out to convey “truth” through a more human system of acting, which would encourage an actor to build a cognitive and emotional… Continue Reading

The Strasberg Acting Method

Lee Strasberg developed and clarified Stanislavsky’s theory that an actor uses his past experience of life to place them in designated areas of the script and scenes to create reality in the role. Stella Adler believed that the role is created from the story of the playwright, or screenwriter. Meisner believed that true acting comes from listening to the other actor like we do in life. All of these theories are true, but Strasberg’s method… Continue Reading


Performers are a unique breed. Why do we act? I started imitating actors of popular TV shows in the early sixties, then loved entertaining high school friends with jokes and such. I guess it lead me to acting because of a need to express myself, to get recognition, to validate my existence. Marlon Brando once said, “Actors are narcissistic people who indulge in some form of masochism.” We act because we want to express ourselves.… Continue Reading

Tips on Monologues for Theater Auditions THAT REALLY WORK FOR WORKING ACTORS

New York acting classes teach you the art of the theater auditioning, i.e., the monologue. A monologue has to be done with different levels of emotional, transitions, stage movement and creating the place where you are. Good monologues engage the audience and has the actor talk alone on stage as if it is really happening to him. The forth wall goes up and the suspension of disbelief takes over. I prepare you to present yourself… Continue Reading

Vazquez acting school success in New York City

Student success is the main goal of my acting training. Professionla acting means getting work, build a career in New Yock city and then when opportunities other places as well. Here are a list of my students and work they have done: In my NYC acting classes you will become a working actor like my past student below who have gone on to write, direct, stunts and act. David Pinon (5 credits), Sandra Trujillo (7… Continue Reading

Relaxation Techniques for Actors that work

In my NYC Acting Classes: I teach relaxation technique. Strasberg (which was my training) taught this before classes. This has several positive responses for the actor. Step 1: I sit you in a chair and teach you to relax you limbs, your neck and facial muscles. Tension is the “death” of an actor. Step 2: I teach you to release any tensions you have psychologically and emotionally before the scene work begins. This creates focus… Continue Reading