NYC, New York Acting: David Pinon story

At the NYC, New York Acting School of Alberto Vazquez you will learn how to become a professional actor who works like David Pinon (see his credits on David came to study with me in 2007 and didn’t have an agent, or any pro credits. After six months, I realized he was talented and asked him, “Why don’t you work as an actor?” He didn’t know why.

So I told him to do an intensive six months of on camera training and start seeking agents and managers. He did so. He found an agent who started submitting him while we were doing the on-camera training. I helped him prepare the auditions. Then suddenly he booked a Law & Order role and The Knights of Prosperity in 2007. In 2008 he booked Street Revenge and Pride and Glory. He scored on a recurring role on One Life to Live in 2010!!! You can be successful also with my proper guidance. (

Alberto Vazquez

Alberto Vazquez has acted since 1975. he has worked as a professional actor from NYC to LA. He has been in over 200 TV shows, films, plays, commercial and print commercial in his career. He has been teaching acting since 2004 in NYC and now in easton, PA.