In the Vazquez New York Acting School you will learn about tricks that STARS use to get by a days shoot when at times they are having trouble with lines, or haven’t really learned them totally. In the movie “Wag The Dog” I played a combine driver driving Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Anne Heche and Woody Harrelson. Hoffman seemed to be having trouble with a few lines and he was standing right behind me. He asked me if he could tape a few lines to my back to get through the scene. I laughed. We did the scene and it didn’t even look like he was cheating to the lines. Sometimes we need a little help to get through the day! Marlon Brando did this all the time! I really don’t recommend doing this as you’re working your way up to the top. (

Alberto Vazquez

Alberto Vazquez has acted since 1975. he has worked as a professional actor from NYC to LA. He has been in over 200 TV shows, films, plays, commercial and print commercial in his career. He has been teaching acting since 2004 in NYC and now in easton, PA.